Empyrean Survival FeaturesEdit

There are many features in Empyrean Survival. Here is a list with all the features.

Menu - Like any other game, the Menu holds all the settings in it.

Play button - Press it to play the game!

Single player - In Empyrean you can play alone!

Mulitplayer - In Empyrean you can also play online or local to play with your friends!

Settings - Obviously we included Settings in Empyrean, otherwise people would be mad!

Creator's Universe - Creators Universe is used to share your creations to the world or just to your friends!

Creator's Club - Clubs are player made and is another way to do multiplayer.

Browse Creations - Self explainitory, lets you browse what people made and posted.

Quit Game Button - Without it, you couldn't rage quit!

More to be added :3