There are several gamemodes in Empyrean. 6 to be exact. Gamemodes determine your experience as a player and how you interact with the world.

Survival Edit

"Explore and survive in a world of deadly monsters"
Survival is the beginning mode for all new players. The player can interact with all blocks and do whatever is within their limits. You can build anything as long as you have the resources, which there are plenty of. Slay monsters, defeat bosses, house NPCs. It's your world!

Survival Edit

"Thrive in an amazing world with an unlimited amount of resources, once that resource is obtained"
Survival ∞ is basically the same as Survival, but with one major difference: Once you obtain a resource, you have unlimited of that resource. This opens up a whole new level of creativity for newer players.

Key of Survival is required to play Survival ∞

Adventure Edit

"Roam around almost worry free in a monster-less world; but beware the dungeon"
Adventure mode is a very peaceful one. There are no monsters to harm you. Natural things can, such as fall damage, starvation, lack of water, etc. But most of all, a dungeon is placed in the world. This is no easy task to overcome. Many, many traps in your way of reaching the end of it.

Key of Survival is required to play Adventure

Adventure Edit

"Move about in a world of unlimited resources, and the ability to fly"
Adventure ∞ is basically Adventure mode, but with a twist, There is nothing to harm you, except the forces of Nature.

Key of Adventure is required to play Adventure ∞

Creator Edit

"Do anything you wish in a world of creativity with unlimited resources from the start, the ability to fly and no-clip"
Creator is a step up from Adventure